Dog River Virtual Tour on Google Maps

Walk around and let me know if you find Oscar and Emma’s house!

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TVFDR26 Have a Heart Commentary for Hurry Hard

The hosts are all baffled by the sport of Curling in this episode of The View from Dog River. Why are the brooms not regulated? Who was Archie Clavet? Why are Jeremy and Jules obsessed with Vancouver?

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TVFDR 25 fan commentary Corner Gas Mosquito Time on the Prairie

The gang is back together as Jeremy and Jules are joined by Rob after a misterious absence.  They are here to watch  Corner Gas Mosquito Time Season 2 Episode 10.  Where does this rank on Rob’s top ten list?  Why is orange soda so shocking?  What does Jeremy call a Canadian Tuxedo?  Listen now and find out!


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Real Bagels are Boiled (Jules’ website)

Legacy of Power (Rob’s other Podcast)

Geekish Cast (Jeremy’s other Podcast)

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TVFDR24 Bingo Jack Ass

Wanda starts calling bingo, much to Emma’s annoyance. Karen is suspended from service after failing a drug test, and Brent and Hank start hanging around with different people.


Robert de Lint


Brent Butt (creator), Brent Butt |

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TVFDR23 Cavan Cunningham if that is your real name

Cavan Cunningham was gracious enough to come on and talk a bit about his past, dangerous car trips and his home recording studio plans.

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TVFDR 22 Security Cam Nudge

When Brent installs a security camera at Corner Gas, he is not prepared for the private moments caught on tape. Two unlikely conspirators hatch a plan to deal with the camera, and Hank sees the chance to fulfill a lifelong dream when Davis gets a new stun gun. Meanwhile Oscar and Emma’s romantic getaway to a fancy resort convinces them there’s no place like home.



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Corner Gas

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Look at this tweet!

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Lost and Found fan commentary track

Jeremy, Jules and Robbie watch the Corner Gas episode “Lost and Found”  What would you do with pants you found in a ditch? What is “Canadian Cool?” or a “Canadian Tuxedo”?

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TVFDR 17 Whataphobia fan commentary

TVFDR 17 Whataphobia commentary

Jeremy, Jules and Robbie watch the “Corner Gas” episode ‘Whataphobia”.
After Lacey’s greatest fear is revealed, Brent, Hank and Wanda starts discussing fears, mainly to discover what Wanda’s afraid of. Oscar is shown to be a terrific cook, thanks to Karen.

What are you afraid of?

Meant to be listened to as you watch the corresponding episode of “Corner Gas”


Corner Gas Season 2 on DVD
Tales From Dog River Book

Legacy of Power
Geekish Cast


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Commentary for Corner Gas Smell of Freedom


Jeremy and Jules are joined by their three dogs as they watch and comment on the Corner gas episode “Smell of Freedom”.  This episode was not one of our favorites, and the dogs get unwieldy… but the show must go on.

What is wrong with Davis’ nose?  Why doesn’t Karen’s shirt fit?  Where can Jeremy find that beer?  Listen as we attempt to answer these and other questions.


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#16 Fred Ewanuick talks Corner Gas Animated.

Jeremy and Jules (while suffering from the flu) were pleased to speak with Fed Ewanuick (Coner Gas’ Hank Yarbo) about Corner Gas Animated and his other projects.

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