Corner Gas Episode 4

Corner Gas Episode 4

Corner Gas Episode 4

Jeremy and Jules watch and discuss Corner Gas Episode 4 “Oh Baby”.  Is Hank Tanner’s dad? Corner Gas Episode 4

Synopsis from IMDB

When Wanda’s tooth is hurting, and no one is willing to kick her in the jaw, she makes an appointment for the dentist in Saskatoon. Only one problem, someone has to babysit her hell-raising six-year-old son, Tanner. And no one in town is willing to do so, as many, including Hank, have incurred the wrath of the boy. Finally, in an attempt to impress Lacey, Brent agrees to watch Tanner. Meanwhile, the town places their bets on how and when Brent will be injured as he hopelessly attempts to babysit. Lacey soon shows up and tries to help Brent, but is soon at the mercy of the six-year-old nightmare as well. In a moment of sheer desperation, Brent phones the only person who can possibly help him in a situation like this, Emma.


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2 Responses to Corner Gas Episode 4

  1. monica kumar says:

    Hey guys, I just started listening to these. Great job!

    Also, I totally agree with Jules about Hank possibly being Tanner’s father. I feel like they even hint at in in the movie “He’s a good kid…thick as a walnut”. Sound familiar?

    Even if he’s not I have a theory that Wanda and Hank are in some sort of weird together, not together relationship…I dunno I kind of saw it one day and now I can’t unsee it.

    Anyways, I’m so excited someone’s making stuff about this show. There’s next to no fandom, and I’m from Australia where no one has heard of Corner Gas.

    Enough of me rambling, keep up the great work!

    • Jeremy says:

      Hi Monica, Thanks for leaving a comment. Jules says she was pondering the Hank and Wanda relationship, we will start to watch for things that could hint at that.
      We are recording more episodes this weekend and will read your comment on one of them.
      Being Americans, we know how it feels to be alone in the Corner Gas fandom.

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