Corner Gas Cell Phone commentary episode 9

Corner Gas Cell PhoneCorner Gas Cell Phone; Commentary Episode 9

Jules and Jeremy comment as they watch episode 9 of Corner Gas Cell Phone. In this episode, Davis and Brent try to out tiny each other’s new cell phones.  Oscar battles a new crippling addiction.  Lacey tries to get the grain elevator declared as a landmark.



Episode Plot

When Brent gets a new cell phone, Davis is determined to surpass Brent in phone size. Then Lacey tries to join the town’s Chamber of Commerce by proving to Dog River that she’s got community spirit. When she learns that one of the town’s historic landmarks could be knocked down, she jumps into action, not realizing there might be a good reason for it. Meanwhile, over at the bar, Hank wonders what actually goes on in the “Chamber” of Commerce and Oscar develops a passion for stuffed toys from the claw machine.


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