Episode 11 Hank seems different when fishing

Hank seems different when fishingHook Line And Sinker

Hank seems different when fishing

Brent and Lacey have a fight using words on a roadside sign.  Karen goes fishing with Hank.  She notices Hank seems different when fishing.  Brent and the entire town of Dog River use Oscar’s memory against him in a prank.

This episode is a favorite of ours. It is also the episode that put Jules’ mom off Corner Gas.  As is often the case with Corner Gas, each subplot works pretty well.

A few months back we interviewed Fred Ewanuick and one topic that we asked him about was whether or not Hank and Karen slept together.  He said he wouldn’t tell.  But we both think there is enough evidence in the episode to say that they did.

Also, we recently received a comment from Monica in Australia who has a theory that Hank and Wanda are in an on and off relationship… which made the intervention scene in this episode look a little different to us.

Best Alternate Signs that Wanda Suggested:

  • My Thighs are hot for goat felons
  • Choose Glenn Fry for menage a trois

You should really go buy the show or obtain it legally, but if you can’t:


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