Episode 13 I Love Lacey with our New Canadian Advisor

Love Lacey I Love Lacey

Jeremy and Jules are joined by an actual Canadian to clear up some of their misconceptions.  To discuss the episode I Love Lacey. We welcome Rob Ellinor, host of “Legacy of Power” a Power Rangers podcast.


This podcast is meant to be listened to as you watch the corresponding Corner Gas episode.

Summary of I Love Lacey

Emma and Wanda get rough with a cashier while shopping at a dollar store. Oscar and Hank visit Oscar’s crazy old buddy who’s not quite the partier he used to be. Karen and Davis try to buy tickets from a scalper. Lacey discovers that getting roadside assistance isn’t that simple when you’re traveling with a gas man. Meanwhile, Brent realizes there may be more to his relationship with Lacey than he thought.



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