GCO 14 Season 2 Episode 1 The Brent Effect

Brent EffectThe Brent Effect

Lacey tries to work out where she and Brent stand after the Grey Cup incident. Hank talks Oscar into buying his old outboard motor – with money he stole from Emma.  Davis has been playing fast and loose with his side arm.

Jeremy and Jules are joined by Nate and Tara.  Nate and Tara have just started watching Corner Gas.  I thought this would be a fun episode to discuss with new fans.

As usual, we get a number of things about Canada and the metric system wrong.


Corner Gas
Corner Gas on IMDB
Corner Gas on Twitter

Please buy Corner Gas on Dvd to view while listening to our commentary tracks.  If you can not or will not, you can find the episode here… but I really think you should buy it.


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