Mayor Fitzy an interview with Cavan Cunningham

Mayor Fitzy

Mayor Fitzy as played by Cavan Cunningham

Mayor Fitzy Fitzgerald (we assume that was his last name) was the 9th main character on “Corner Gas”.  Most famous for fearing the loss of his job.  He was often the bearer of bad news.  In the movie he almost qualified as the villain.  Cavan, on the other hand, was a warm and funny person to speak with.

About Cavan

Cavan Cunningham is a Canadian actor (born in the USA) best known for his role as Mayor Fitzy on the hit Canadian show Corner Gas. Cavan has appeared in numerous Canadian & US films & TV programs. He also continues to perform on stage, most recently as Vinnie in the Arts Club (Vancouver) production of The Odd Couple. Cavan currently lives on the prairies with his wife, 2 kids & their dog.


Cavan on Twitter
Cavan’s IMDB 
Corner Gas web page

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  1. Matthew Brawn says:

    did anyone ever find out what episode his last name and so called kids are in?

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